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Old ‘uns

This past week I discovered a number of old photo albums hidden away in boxes. DM recently became interested in organizing some scrapbooks for the kids and grandkids in our family, to remember the old times when they were young as well as a reminder of our family history. Our old ‘uns came from France on the paternal side and from Germany on the maternal side, so we were glad to rediscover photos of them. In sorting through the photos we’ve taken a walk down memory lane. I remember visits to my paternal grandmother in the early ’50s. Her home was full of thread crochet masterpieces she had made (tablecloths, doilies, pillow covers, etc.)  On the maternal side, my grandmother knit slippers for us when we were children (amazingly enough I found one photo of her actually knitting a slipper.)

Going through photos of the old ‘uns must have rekindled an interest in vintage needlework so I’ve spent a few evenings browsing through books in my personal library that feature thread crochet projects. One project from the book Better Homes & Gardens “White Crochet” appealed to me: ‘Bless This House’ Filet Crochet Sampler. Since there were balls of crochet cotton and a selection of steel crochet hooks (some passed down to me from my crocheting grandmother) available, I started stitching. It took just under a week to complete this project in size 10 bedspread-weight crochet cotton on a size 4 steel hook. It’s a project my grandmother might have stitched in her day too:

bless this house hanging

bless this house sampler 7

bless this house sampler 2  bless this house sampler 3  bless this house sampler 4

As for my knitting grandmother, she left a legacy of slippers which eventually led to the “My Grandmother’s Slippers” pattern. Even though I was sure this pattern was known to everyone since the beginning of time, I was asked on numerous occasions for written directions to make them so eventually decided to publish a version as I remember it from my grandmother. It is one of the all-time favorite patterns from 288 designs currently available in the DBKN line:

My Grandmother's Slippers untouched 2 bright res

Umpteen pairs of slippers like these have been produced since olden days. In recent years after posting my version of the pattern on Ravelry there have been 253 completed projects posted, attesting to the popularity of this vintage slipper design. Here are a few photos of other pairs I’ve knit:

slippers my grandmothers slippers 2 fix grandma slippers done 5

Another enjoyable experience from this week’s walk down memory lane are seeing old photos of DM and my aunts in smart-looking fashions of the ’40s and ’50s, when they wore dresses, suits, gloves, hats, heels and carried handbags to match. They were quite the fashionistas then! One of my uncles was a professional photographer so we are fortunate to have many images captured on film to document their time in history. Looking at those photos, I see much design inspiration for future projects from studying the outfits of the past. Thank you, dear old ‘uns, for your loving legacy in needlework and through the camera lens!

Granddaughter (me) & great-grandaughter (DD) wearing a thread crochet dress created by my paternal grandmother in 1950

crochet dress grandma h w K and C wearing

I am grateful for both grandmothers’ needlework heritage and have tried to carry it on through vintage-style projects like these (although they are much smaller and less complicated than the masterpieces of old.) If you’re a lover of vintage projects, you might enjoy some of these project ideas too!

Chain of Love Bookmark

Chain of Love Bookmark 1

Vintage Wheel Square

Vintage Wheel Square sage  vintage squares table scarf progress 2  vintage wheel square thread 1 crop fill

Renaissance Neck Jewelry

crocheted neck jewelry red 1

renaissance neck jewelry 2

Peachy-Keen Placemat

Peachy keen placemat kitchen   peachy keen placemat blue w cups fix

Flower Filet Pillow Cover

Flowered Filet Pillow Cover new

“Go Green” Lacy Shells Bag

Go Green Lacy Shell Bag 1  go green lacy shell bag pink varieg 1



A bunch of pink and red …

… no, not roses, but knit and crochet project ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy this photoblog of pink and red:

Ambu from Classic Elite Yarns “Oceanside


Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Chrysalis Poncho


Photo copyright Willow Yarns

Provence Summer String Bag

CE Provence summer string bag

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Saltwater Taffy Hat in “Cozy Knits


Photo copyright Joe Hancock

Colorfully Comfy Leg Warmers in Creative Knitting Magazine, Autumn 2013

CKlegwarmers2175336479_18_Color005 (2) (427x640)-1

Photo copyright Annie’s

Pinky’s Wings Beanie

Pinky's Wings Beanie on C

Shell Point Cloth

Shell Point dishcloth red

#13 Tasseled Earflap Hat from Knit Simple, Fall 2007 (available as a free pattern download)

Tasseled earflap hat pink original 1

Ice Chip Mitts

ice chip mitts pink flowers

Cuddle Cable Baby Blanket

Cuddle Cable Blanket 11

Bunny-Ear Blankie

Bunny Ear blankie pink wool kitchen A

Chunky Honeycomb Hat

chunky honeycomb hat 1

Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl

Cozy comfort prayer shawl soft rose 1

Bulky Ribs at Play Hat

ribs hat 1


C.O.O.S. pair

Ballet-Style Slippers

Ballet style slippers from top better crop res fix

Soft Seed Stitch Hat & Scarf Set

Beautiful Cec fill

Butterscotch Basket in red

Candy red butterscotch basket 3

Block-Stitch Baby Blanket

Block stitch blanket pink multi fix crop

My Fave Dishcloth

My Fave Dishcloth new red fix res

Diamond Mountain Hat

diamond mountain hat 5 (2)

Lacy Baby Hat and Scalloped Lace Baby Socks

Lacy Baby Hat with Scalloped Lace Baby Socks

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag for CEY 1

Pink and red roses are nice but I’d rather have pink and red yarn any day!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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Today the sun is shining brightly so maybe it will be a first step toward getting out of the deep-freeze so many of us have been suffering through this winter.

In my little corner of the world, it’s a very sunny day. I was invited to write a guest blog post about my two newest designs for Classic Elite Yarns, so head on over to the CEY blog for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Abelona and Nahara in the February pattern booklet “Sunny Day.”



Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Thank you, Classic Elite — it’s great to see a Sunny Day!



Turning the page

The day has finally come that I can announce the release of two new designs. After turning the page on the calendar in anticipation of a new month, upon logging in to Ravelry this morning I discovered that Classic Elite Yarns has posted their new February pattern booklet “Sunny Day.” I am fortunate to have two designs in this collection, both in beautiful shades of blue yarns chosen by Classic Elite for these designs.

One of them appears on the pattern booklet cover, a poster and in a YouTube video! This is Abelona, a lacy sleeveless top knit in CEY’s sumptuous new yarn Cerro — an-oh-so-soft blend of pima cotton and alpaca. I had a fantastic time creating this piece:

6557-SunnyDay_medium2 6570-SunnyDay_medium2 CLASSEPATS1402.1402PDF.zoom.1

The gorgeous model was featured on this poster displayed in the Classic Elite Yarns booth at the recent TNNA winter trade show in San Diego:


Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

The second garment is Nahara, a crocheted tunic that features lacy flower motifs down the front and back. I had so much fun designing and crocheting this one in my fave yarn from Classic Elite, the soft mercerized Egyptian cotton yarn Provence:



Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Here are some other views of the garments before they were sent off for their day in the fashion photography spotlight:

Abelona top

Smock Top 1

Nahara tunic

tunic 2

Once again, I am grateful to Classic Elite Yarns for the opportunity to contribute designs to their inspiring pattern collections. I hope you will enjoy all of the gorgeous options in the “Sunny Day” pattern booklet. There are so many to choose from!

If you missed the January booklet “Oceanside“, one of my designs appears in that one as well. This is Ambu, a colorful knit chevron-patterned top in Provence:



But now it’s back to blue with the release of Abelona and Nahara. Happy February!


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White. Such a clean color. Crisp, fresh, soothing. Much of the nation is covered in white at the moment (snow is drifting down from the sky here) but indoors I’ve been seeing white in yarn and thread.

DD’s birthday is almost here. For the past few years DH and I have been away at a favorite ski resort during her birthday week, as DH prefers to ski in the off-season after the holidays. Unfortunately the week-long trip always interfered with DD’s actual birth date so we were either on the road or just returned when her special day arrived. But this year was different.

Because there is another trip planned for later this spring (a trip to Walt Disney World with Disney-loving DD and hubby as our personal tour guides) the annual ski trip was omitted. That meant we were finally home to celebrate DD’s birthday together, so we arranged a family lunch at a local restaurant. I ordered a special cake for the occasion to match her fave Disney-theme pattern: white polka dots on a red background, as seen in Minnie Mouse‘s dress fabric.

A few weeks ago, DD bought some white yarn at Michaels and requested a long straight scarf. I knew just what would be the perfect pattern for her yarn choice: my SOS (Special Occasion Scarf).  I knit, wrapped and kept it a secret until the day came for the birthday celebration lunch. When she opened her gifts after the meal, she immediately wrapped the scarf around her neck and wore it through the rest of the celebration. Since the scarf has been receiving “likes” and “faves” on Ravelry and the Designs by KN Facebook page, it seems there are others that love the scarf as well!

sos done 4

sos done 5

The yarn DD chose was Lion Brand Yarn “Vanna’s Glamour.” Due to the light weight of this particular yarn, I went down to size US 6 (4.25 mm) needles and increased the stitch count to 38 for width. After blocking, the scarf measured 6″ wide by 64″ long.

sos 3

Here’s DD wearing her new scarf while opening a gift: red & white polka dot accessories that fit the Disney theme!

c gift

The birthday cake featured white polka dots too

cake dots

After the festivities were over and our weekend houseguest (DM) returned home, I was too tired to do much more than browse through craft books in my personal library. For some reason I kept returning to the thought of the number of balls of bedspread-weight, size 10 cotton thread accumulated in stash over many years:

crochet cottons organized

I ended up browsing page-by-page through various titles that featured thread projects, titles such as “Better Homes & Gardens White Crochet“, “McCall’s Needlework & Crafts Country Crochet“,  and “Reader’s Digest Crochet Gifts for the Home.” At one point my eye fell on a crochet motif for a tablecloth. Since I was too tired to do much else, I decided to try stitching just one motif before falling asleep. I located my crochet hook organizer that holds steel crochet hooks, some of them vintage ones passed down to me from my paternal grandmother, a master thread crocheter in her day:

hooks in organizer

Pulling one ball of thread from the shelf and armed with a size 4 steel hook, I proceeded to work up one motif:

white motif

The next morning I started another:

white motifs 2

I doubt I will ever complete an entire tablecloth like the one shown in the “Country Crochet” book, but for now it will serve as an interim project to work on while the snow flies outside and I wait for public release of new DBKN designs scheduled for publication in 2014 (speaking of snow, I just noticed that this particular motif resembles a snowflake!)

Here are some other white project ideas from the DBKN files:

Chain of Love Bookmark

Chain of Love Bookmark 1

Twisty Lace Basket Trim

Twisty lace basket trim 1

Touch o’Ruffle Table Mat or Dishcloth

touch o ruffle dishcloth white w teacup

Vintage Wheel Squares in thread (with multicolor centers)

vintage wheel square thread 1 crop fill

Lacy Baby Hat

Lacy Baby Hat TLC Amore white flat

Beaded Pulse Warmers

pulse warmers white with blue beads fix

Holiday Motif as an ornament

ornament 1

Even though today’s post is about white, I’m still looking forward to release of a new design (coming soon) in the color featured in the previous post: blue!



Something blue

Something old …

Bill in knit hat beret

Our senior cat Bill (age 16) modeling Knit Hat (for anyone!)

Something new …

socks 1

A pair of C.O.O.S., just completed

Something borrowed …

blue blan

A blanket borrowed from DM’s closet, to place at the foot of the “grandma bed” when she stays overnight at our house  (Note: I did not design this one but it appears to be a large square in a simple pattern (one row dc, one row sc repeated throughout), crocheted in Lion Brand Yarns “Homespun” on a large hook.)

Something blue …

Easy Crochet Poncho on K outside 1 fix

Easy-Crochet Poncho, one of the earliest DBKN designs from the past — pattern newly revised & updated

No, we aren’t aware of any upcoming weddings in the family but the ages-old good luck phrase intended for brides-to-be “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” seemed apropos in anticipation of a new pattern release that will be coming soon. While I can’t reveal details, I do know that it will be shown in a beautiful shade of blue. And with any luck, it may even appear as a “cover girl.”

Stay tuned!



Orange & Blue

Well, they did it. DH and I were hoping for a good result for the Denver Broncos in today’s playoff game, but one never knows what will happen. Today they won so that means there will be another playoff game in Denver next weekend. Since the whole city is “united in orange” in support of the team, let’s see what projects from the Designs by KN pattern database might be suitable for knitting or crocheting this coming week. The following ideas fit in with the color scheme that Broncos fans have been sporting all over Colorado:

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

Knit hat for anyone orange w blue stripes flat Knit Hat for anyone orange on C 2

Ear Sweaters


Cat and the Hat Beanie

Cat and Hat Beanie orange flat


coos cotton stripe pair 2

Ridgewood Beanie

Ridgewood Beanie orange on K outside 1

C’s Birthday Scarf

Cabled Seed Scarf on C 1 crop

Summer String Bag


Easy-Crochet Poncho

Easy Crochet Poncho flat new fix

Shell Point Cloth

shell point orange

Twist Mitts

Twist Mitts blue pair 2

12″ Football Team Colors Square

Football square fix crop Broncos color

That ought to keep football-fan knitters and crocheters busy until next weekend’s game (if you’re rooting for other playoff teams, just change the colors.)

But in our case, it’s Go Broncos!



By the sea

It’s funny how life takes you here and there. No matter where you are, sometimes you wish you were there instead of here. Years ago I lived in San Diego, CA and wish I was there this weekend. As mentioned in a previous post, the TNNA Winter Trade Show is taking place. The reason I’d love to be there is that one of my designs might be appearing in the Classic Elite Yarns booth. I wish I could be there to see it in person but will have to settle for being there in spirit. It just seems funny that at the time I lived and worked in San Diego I wished I was living in a mountain setting instead of near the ocean. Many years later here we are, along the front range of Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, covered in a wintry blanket of snow and feeling the blast of icy cold temperatures now and then. The weather is certain to be much nicer at the TNNA convention by the sea!

harbor view downtown

pt loma coast res

Although I can’t reveal the newest design until it becomes publicly shown, I can dream about strolling along a beach wearing a version of the recently-released Ambu top, as the model is below. In fact, the booklet it appears in is called “Oceanside“, the January publication from Classic Elite Yarns:


provence chevron top 3918-1

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Because I’ve been concentrating on stash-busting lately, I decided to make another version of the top in “gifted” yarn. A friend found bags full of never-used, brand-new balls of a cotton yarn in three different colorways at a Goodwill store and gave them to me. I have been working my way through the haul, using it for the various projects shown below. Even after all of these, there was still plenty left for this version of Ambu and more projects to come:

chevron top done 1

Cuddle Cable Baby Blanket

cuddle cable blan saucy done 1

#24 Crocheted Sun Hat


Seeded Rib Eyeglass Case

seeded rib eyeglass case 1

Summer String Bag

summer string bag pink 4

My Grandmother’s Slippers


Fresh Air Bag

fresh air bag 4

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

chemo cap 2

Bunny-Ear Blankie

bunny ear saucy 1A

Vintage Wheel Square Table Topper


Easy-Knit Tee

easy knit tee saucy 4

My Fave Dishcloth


Another funny thing … when I lived in San Diego my chosen hobby was sewing. Every night after work and on weekends I would sew (this was before marriage when it was just my little dog and me), shop at fabric stores or enjoy oceanside visits to Shelter Island, Harbor Island and Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma.

pt loma K res

I sewed all of my own clothes then but over time switched to crocheting and knitting. As I said at the beginning of this post, it’s a funny thing how life takes you here and there. I’m happy to be here in the Rocky Mountains now but for this one weekend I would like to be in San Diego again to watch the sun rise over the water, dine out at favorite restaurants, and get a peek inside the TNNA show!

San Diego sunrise res



New new

New year, new calendar, new pattern … new new! Who knew upon awakening this morning that a new pattern entry would appear on my Ravelry designer page? I didn’t anticipate seeing it so soon and was pleasantly surprised. Discovering these fresh, colorful photos of my design was just what was needed to brighten a wintry day and landscape that is currently covered with snow here in Colorado:

Ambu in Classic Elite Yarns January pattern booklet “Oceanside



provence chevron top 3918-1

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

I had so much fun designing this top. When I received the lovely ‘Provence‘ yarn in the assigned colors Beddeford Shrimp and Hot Pink, it made the project even more exciting as I knit the two-color chevron pattern, enjoying the colorplay throughout. The chevron theme is echoed in a subtle lace pattern that graces the bodice of the tank.

chevron top 1 chevron top 2

I love everything about this project and extend my sincere thanks once again to the staff at Classic Elite Yarns for making it all come true (this is the first of several more to come in future CEY publications.)

What a great start to the new year, even if it is sharing news about a breezy summer top in the middle of a bitterly cold winter!

P.S. You can see another view of Ambu and all the designs in the “Oceanside” collection in this YouTube video (the last garment shown, at 1:48.)




Well, I did it … took down the tree and all the Christmas decorations the day after the holiday was over (see previous post.) The house seems so much cleaner now and even has a touch of “spring fever” about it, although I know winter is far from over. Although my family thinks it’s weird that I clear out the Christmas clutter so quickly, I was heartened to learn that a local weatherman’s wife does the same thing! The weatherman reported on the evening news that he went out for a walk and when he returned home his wife had taken down the tree and all the decorations and they were done for the season. Moving on.

One project I started just before Christmas Eve and worked on while waiting to travel to DM’s house on Christmas Day was this scraps-from-stash version of Wooly Wave Scarf:

wooly wave scarf 6

wooly wave scarf 5

I had a bunch of leftover balls of black yarn sitting in stash and began knitting them up one by one, interspersing with scraps of teal and off-white, changing colors as each little ball was used up. Speaking of scarves, I gave DM two for Christmas to coordinate with her new green coat, one red (store-bought) and one green (hand-knit). Fortunately she really liked the green one! It was knit in Universal Yarn “Classic Worsted Holiday”:

Bias Scarf

bias scarf done 4

bias scarf done 2

bias scarf 3

With just three business days left in the year, I thought I would recap on the Designs by KN Facebook page some favorites that were released in 2013, specifically three designs that appeared as free patterns in the Classic Elite Yarns Webletter:

Design #1: Magnolia Vintage Capelet

vintage beauty capelet 1

Design #2: Fresh Air Bag

fresh air bag 1

Design #3: Ridgeline Kerchief

ridgeline kerchief 2

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Even more designs are scheduled to appear in various CEY pattern booklets and the Webletter in 2014. I’m very excited about one of them that will be featured on a poster on display in the Classic Elite Yarns booth at the winter TNNA trade show in San Diego in January.

Since I’m done designing for this year and looking ahead to the next, I might as well recap all of the other DBKN designs that were released in 2013 (my busiest year yet):

Bold Button Neckpiece

Bold Button Neckpiece 3

#23 Mesh Cape

mesh cape 3 VKCRO13_23D

Photo by Paul Amato for, copyright Vogue Knitting/Soho Publishing

#7 Lace Panel Shawl


Photo by Paul Amato for, copyright Noro Knitting Magazine/SoHo Publishing

Colorfully Comfy Leg Warmers

CKlegwarmers2175336479_18_Color005 (2) (427x640)-1

Photo copyright Annie’s



Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Emerald Isle Lap Blanket


Photo copyright Sixth & Spring Books


hexagon pullover 9245-1-lg

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Chrysalis Poncho


Photo copyright Willow Yarns

Bulky Ribs at Play Hat

ribs hat 1

Chunky Honeycomb Hat

chunky honeycomb hat 1

Diamond Mountain Hat

diamond mountain hat 5 (2)

Saltwater Taffy Cabled Hat


Photo copyright Joe Hancock

Thanks to everyone who made it all happen. On to 2014!



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