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New new

New year, new calendar, new pattern … new new! Who knew upon awakening this morning that a new pattern entry would appear on my Ravelry designer page? I didn’t anticipate seeing it so soon and was pleasantly surprised. Discovering these fresh, colorful photos of my design was just what was needed to brighten a wintry day and landscape that is currently covered with snow here in Colorado:

Ambu in Classic Elite Yarns January pattern booklet “Oceanside



provence chevron top 3918-1

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

I had so much fun designing this top. When I received the lovely ‘Provence‘ yarn in the assigned colors Beddeford Shrimp and Hot Pink, it made the project even more exciting as I knit the two-color chevron pattern, enjoying the colorplay throughout. The chevron theme is echoed in a subtle lace pattern that graces the bodice of the tank.

chevron top 1 chevron top 2

I love everything about this project and extend my sincere thanks once again to the staff at Classic Elite Yarns for making it all come true (this is the first of several more to come in future CEY publications.)

What a great start to the new year, even if it is sharing news about a breezy summer top in the middle of a bitterly cold winter!

P.S. You can see another view of Ambu and all the designs in the “Oceanside” collection in this YouTube video (the last garment shown, at 1:48.)




Well, I did it … took down the tree and all the Christmas decorations the day after the holiday was over (see previous post.) The house seems so much cleaner now and even has a touch of “spring fever” about it, although I know winter is far from over. Although my family thinks it’s weird that I clear out the Christmas clutter so quickly, I was heartened to learn that a local weatherman’s wife does the same thing! The weatherman reported on the evening news that he went out for a walk and when he returned home his wife had taken down the tree and all the decorations and they were done for the season. Moving on.

One project I started just before Christmas Eve and worked on while waiting to travel to DM’s house on Christmas Day was this scraps-from-stash version of Wooly Wave Scarf:

wooly wave scarf 6

wooly wave scarf 5

I had a bunch of leftover balls of black yarn sitting in stash and began knitting them up one by one, interspersing with scraps of teal and off-white, changing colors as each little ball was used up. Speaking of scarves, I gave DM two for Christmas to coordinate with her new green coat, one red (store-bought) and one green (hand-knit). Fortunately she really liked the green one! It was knit in Universal Yarn “Classic Worsted Holiday”:

Bias Scarf

bias scarf done 4

bias scarf done 2

bias scarf 3

With just three business days left in the year, I thought I would recap on the Designs by KN Facebook page some favorites that were released in 2013, specifically three designs that appeared as free patterns in the Classic Elite Yarns Webletter:

Design #1: Magnolia Vintage Capelet

vintage beauty capelet 1

Design #2: Fresh Air Bag

fresh air bag 1

Design #3: Ridgeline Kerchief

ridgeline kerchief 2

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Even more designs are scheduled to appear in various CEY pattern booklets and the Webletter in 2014. I’m very excited about one of them that will be featured on a poster on display in the Classic Elite Yarns booth at the winter TNNA trade show in San Diego in January.

Since I’m done designing for this year and looking ahead to the next, I might as well recap all of the other DBKN designs that were released in 2013 (my busiest year yet):

Bold Button Neckpiece

Bold Button Neckpiece 3

#23 Mesh Cape

mesh cape 3 VKCRO13_23D

Photo by Paul Amato for, copyright Vogue Knitting/Soho Publishing

#7 Lace Panel Shawl


Photo by Paul Amato for, copyright Noro Knitting Magazine/SoHo Publishing

Colorfully Comfy Leg Warmers

CKlegwarmers2175336479_18_Color005 (2) (427x640)-1

Photo copyright Annie’s



Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Emerald Isle Lap Blanket


Photo copyright Sixth & Spring Books


hexagon pullover 9245-1-lg

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Chrysalis Poncho


Photo copyright Willow Yarns

Bulky Ribs at Play Hat

ribs hat 1

Chunky Honeycomb Hat

chunky honeycomb hat 1

Diamond Mountain Hat

diamond mountain hat 5 (2)

Saltwater Taffy Cabled Hat


Photo copyright Joe Hancock

Thanks to everyone who made it all happen. On to 2014!



Red & green

My family thinks I’m weird in that I can’t wait to undecorate after Christmas. For the past few years I’ve taken down the tree and packed away the ornaments, the wreaths and the knick-knack decorations immediately on the day after. The family knows that, when faced with any task, I like to “get it over with”. Now, after weeks of being bombarded with everything associated with the holiday shopping frenzy, I am ready to put away the red and green and move on to a new year. Winter’s white landscape and the promise of spring are what I look forward to as soon as the holidays are over (this time around I’m looking forward to the new year with even more anticipation as new patterns I designed will be published in spring and summer 2014.)

But since it’s still a couple days before Christmas, I will share some seasonal red and green projects, in case you’re working on last-minute gifts as I am:

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag


Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Better Late Than Never Beanie


Ruffly Coasters

Ruffly coaster red w tea fix

Apple & Pine Tree Dishcloths

apple cloth fix

Pine Tree cloth single closeup green

Old World Scarf

scarf red done 1

#34 Wristlets from Knit.1, Winter 2007


Pretty Little Baby Hat

pretty little baby hats aqua red 5

Holiday Gift Bottle Decor

Bottle decor and hats

My Fave Dishcloth

My Fave Dishcloth new red fix res

Emerald Isle Lap Blanket from book “50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving


Photo copyright Sixth&Spring Books

Tweed-look Pom Hat

Tweed-look Pom Hat  fix crp

Renaissance Neck Jewelry

crocheted neck jewelry red 1

Holiday Motif

holiday motif new 2

Ton o’Fun Toboggan Hat

Ton o Fun Toboggan hat red tones flat

And my current work-in-progress …

Bias Scarf for the holidays (a last-minute gift for someone special)

bias scarf 3

Have a wonderful Christmas full of joy … and if you’re like me, look forward to taking down the decorations on Thursday!


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For the first time ever, DH and I attended a national hockey league game last night. What a totally different experience than a major league baseball game! It was a blast, both visually and audibly, with light and sound systems cranked up to high levels and lots of fast skating on the ice. How do they do it? The players and referees are amazing in their ability to skate every which way while chasing the little puck and slamming into boards along the edges of the rink, not to mention each other:

Avs game 1

Watching all that fast skating got me thinking about the relatively fast knit and crochet projects accomplished this week:

Vintage Wheel Square Lapghan

(info & more pics here)

vintage wheel sq ghan 2

vintage wheel sq ghan 4

Old World Scarf

(info & more pics here)

scarf red done 1

scarf red 5

Easy-Knit Shawl

(info & more pics here)

brown shawl 6

brown shawl 8

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

(info & more pics here)

knit hat multi 2

knit hat multi 1

All of these projects are destined for gift-giving or charitable causes. The best part is they helped with progress toward my stash-busting goal.

Or as the announcer yelled every time the team scored last night: GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!


Note for future: we would advise anyone attending a Colorado Avalanche hockey game at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado to wear earplugs!




When you’ve been crocheting and knitting as long as I have, you tend to accumulate a lot of books, patterns and yarns which eventually grow into a sizable stash of classics. Besides the odd balls of yarn collected over the years, some of the books in my personal library have become classics too. Lately I rediscovered two knitting volumes from the fine staff at Classic Elite Yarns and enjoyed the experience of looking through them one more time. Coincidentally, a new Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter issue came out the same week. It featured a classic sweater design from years ago, designed by Susan Mills and updated for modern fit. Something about it must have percolated in my subconscious, as a few days later I found myself casting on to knit the sweater (it’s been a very, very long time since I actually knit a whole sweater to keep for myself!) Although it would have been preferable to make it with the classic ‘La Gran‘ mohair yarn called for in the pattern, immediately available in my vintage stash were two balls of a similarly soft, fluffy yarn that worked to the same gauge. Remarkably, one ball even matched the color in the Web-letter photo! Certainly the quality of the Red Heart ‘Symphony‘ yarn I had on hand for the project was different than the suggested yarn, but it produced a lighter-than-air sweater similar in appearance to the original. Since there was only one ball each of the yarn in stash, I decided to color-block the sweater to use the available yarn creatively:

My version of the Drop Stitch Pullover

drop st pull done 1

Original version of Drop Stitch Pullover in CEY Web-letter, Issue 320

drop st webletter pic

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

As stated in the pattern, due to the fuzzy yarns used in this drop-stitch fabric, you have to “help” the stitches drop down to create the design.

drop st pull 4

It wasn’t difficult and once the stitch arrangement was memorized I enjoyed the knitting, completing the whole project in just four days. Now I have a new sweater to wear!

drop st pull 6

drop st pull done 3

Classic Elite Yarns produces beautiful classics, as in the two books on my bookshelf that inspired me to knit a sweater this week. Check them out at your local library or through another source:

Knitting the New Classics


Knitting Today’s Classics


Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

When I first started crocheting in the ’70s and knitting in the ’80s, it never occurred to me that one day I would be creating my own original designs, let alone seeing them published in magazines, books and yarn company pattern collections. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute designs for Classic Elite Yarns and am very excited in anticipation of new ones scheduled for release in 2014. Until then, here are some I’ve created so far:

Maxime in #9245, Belle

hexagon pullover 9245-1-lg

Alice in #9229 Spectrum


Ridgeline Kerchief from CEY Web-letter, Issue 296

ridgeline kerchief 2

Fresh Air Bag from CEY Web-letter, Issue 292

fresh air bag 1

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag from CEY Web-letter, Issue 271

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag for CEY 1

Firefly Diaphanous Shawl from CEY Web-letter, Issue 252

cover 2

Sunscreen Stripes Cap from CEY Web-letter, Issue 249


Majestic Tweed Slouch Hat from CEY Web-letter, Issue 268

CEY slouch hat majestic tweed 1

Provence Summer String Bag from CEY Web-letter, Issue 139

CE Provence summer string bag

Magnolia Vintage Capelet from CEY Web-letter, Issue 276

vintage beauty capelet 2

Montera Cob Toque from CEY Web-letter, Issue 107

Cob Toque CEY 107

All photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Speaking of classics, it’s that time of year. Here’s a Santa hat version of Ripple-Band Hat:

Santa Hat 4

Ho ho ho!



Winter’s white

Although it’s not officially winter until December 21, one could make a case that it’s already arrived with much of the country stuck in the deep-freeze. Here in Colorado a blanket of frosty white snow covers the mountains and plains, with icy roads causing challenges for drivers. We had to drive in it early yesterday morning when it was 10 below zero on the way to a scheduled medical appointment. Thankfully the procedure went smoothly with good results and when we came back outside the sun was shining brightly, creating the look of sparkling diamonds in the snow.

One look at the landscape here and all you see is white, white, white.  That got me thinking about white knit and crochet projects. Here are some I’ve designed and created:

Chunky Cap for Crochet Today!, Jan/Feb 2008

Crochet Today chunky caps mag page res

Photo by Paul Amato, copyright Crochet Today!

Lacy Baby Hat

Lacy Baby Hat TLC Amore white flat

Touch o’ Ruffle Table Mat in 2013 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar

touch o ruffle dishcloth white w teacup cropped

Cotton version of Ribbed Pulse Warmers

pulse warmers white with blue beads fix

Easy-Knit Shawl

Easy Knit Shawl on E 3 crop

Recedere Hat from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010

Recedere hat in fluffy on deck

Lacy Fans Shawl

Lacy Fans Shawl back on C fix crop

Winter white version of Basketweave Pocket Scarf from “60 More Quick Knits

basketweave pocket 501 on K A fix crop

Winter white version of Bulky Ribs at Play Hat


Twisty Lace Basket Trim

Twisty lace basket trim 1

Cross-Cable Cap

cross cable hat white flat fill crop fix 2

Crocheted Angel Ornament

crochet angel

The snow is beautiful to look at but combined with sub-freezing temperatures it makes life difficult for everyone. One of our cats (the mostly-white one) likes to go outside to do his business but can’t in this below-freezing weather so he’s very grumpy about having to use the indoor litter boxes:

andrew 1

Flocks of birds have been at the feeders eating all the seed we put out. Some of them look as grumpy about the cold and snow as our cat does:

bird snow 13

I’m not grumpy about the weather as long as I get to stay inside to knit, crochet and design. At least it looks very Christmas-y around here!

Liquid Gold Chain Mesh Scarf in front of white Christmas tree

Liquid Gold Chain Mesh Scarf on white tree fix

Grab some soft white yarn, knitting needles and/or crochet hooks, and enjoy winter’s white if you can …

apr 14 snowstorm 5

snow deep by Pioneer ridge res

snow march 23 13 3

snow porcupine

andrew snow


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Taking it easy this holiday season. As our small family ages, it becomes more about sharing time over dining out together (or in the case of out-of-state family, sharing time through phone calls or cards) rather than buying and exchanging gifts. DH, DD and DM buy what they want for their own gifts and I’m happy just to receive a new supply of tea and fruitcake. Being the make-it-yourself kind of person that I am, the thought of going out to stores to shop is the farthest thing from my mind. I’d much rather be watching the bird life at feeders in the yard or watching sports on TV while working on a knit or crochet project than be part of frenzied crowds shopping at the malls. And so I take it/make it easy by creating items from my existing yarn stash. Since I’ve just completed a number of complicated new design commissions (to be published in 2014), it’s nice to take a breather with some simple creations like these:

Simple Crocheted Scarf turned into a cowl (used up two partial balls of a very soft yarn, joined ends with slip stitch to form a circle, trimmed edges with short eyelash oddments. Measures approx. 6″ w. by 22″ circ.)

cowl 1

Scrap yarn color-blocked version of Soft Seed Stitch Scarf

soft seed st scarf  2

Easy to crochet Rib-Look Newborn Cap

newborn cap 2

Scrap yarn color-blocked versions of Knit Hat (for anyone!)

hats together 1

Fluffy variations of Cat and the Hat Beanie

fluffy hats 2

Kid-size variations of Cat and the Hat Beanie

hats 2 1

Felted versions of Majestic Tweed Slouch Hat

felted slouchie 2

purple slouchie 1

Scrap yarn color-blocked version of Pinky’s Wings Beanie

blue pinkys wings 4

DH laughed yesterday when he heard my announcement: “I hung a wreath on the front door. That’s the extent of my holiday decorating — I’m done.”  Yes, as the years go by it seems I’m becoming more like my “bah-humbug” dad. But I do believe in the true meaning of Christmas and giving of the work of our hands wherever/whenever there is a need. So while I fix another cup of tea and enjoy a slice of fruitcake (an early Christmas gift from DM) …

Joy tea 3

… I’ll dig into stash and start another easy-to-make project. Hope you enjoy doing the same (even if you don’t like fruitcake!)

Scrap yarn windup from tote bag

P.S. If you’re into a little more holiday decorating than just hanging one wreath on the door, here are some easy ornament ideas to knit or crochet:

Holiday Decorations

Knit ornaments outside

Crocheted Ornaments

Crochet ornaments best 4 fix



Set the table

Will you be doing lots of dishes this holiday season? There’s still time to treat yourself to some new cloths like these:

My Fave Dishcloth

My Fave Dishcloths 5

My Fave Dishcloths spring colors 5

Wedgy-Edgy Dishcloth

Wedgy edgy dishcloths many

Crocodile-Tiki Cloth

Crocodile Tiki Dishcloths 2

Blue (or Lime) Twist Dishcloth

Blue Twist Dishcloth with other cloth

Lime Twist dishcloth crop fix

If you have guests coming over for meals and parties, you might need some coasters under those drinks:

Ruffly Coasters

Ruffly coaster red w tea fix

ruffly coasters 3 A

Ruffly coasters blue green 3

These will take longer to knit but perhaps for Christmas dinner you can set the table with some Peachy-Keen Placemats or Kind’a Crazy, Kind’a Cute Silverware Cuffs:

peachy keen placemat blue A

Peachy keen placemat kitchen

Kinda crazy kinda cute cuff 1 tan

I just completed another new design commission (scheduled for February 2014 release) in time to enjoy the holiday later this week. Hope you enjoy your holiday festivities too. Wherever you travel (or even if you don’t), keep a knitting or crocheting project nearby for spare moments of stitching, as I did with these projects that accompanied me on previous road trips:

C.O.O.S. on the road

COOS on the road in car Teton trip

COOS on the road w maps

Chunky Cap on the road

chunky cap made on way to Steamboat

Ballet-Style Slippers on the road

Ballet slippers blue in car fix

#2 Cloche on the road

cloche on road yellowstone fix new

Wooly Wave Scarf on the road

Scarf in car 2 res

Summer String Bag on the road

Summer string bag on the road 2

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

Summer string bag on the road 3




I used to despise seed stitch. I could race like the wind through sections of “knit 2, purl 2″ but when it came to “knit 1, purl 1″ it seemed to take forever and I avoided it as much as possible. How funny that now I find myself using seed stitch liberally in my designs! It’s become one of my fave fabrics for borders as it lays flat and has such a classic, refined texture. Having just completed a design commission where seed stitch was used, I decided to look back over past designs to see how many incorporated seed stitch fabric to some degree (knitted or crocheted):

Soft Seed Stitch Hat & Scarf Set (crochet)

Beautiful Cec fill

Emerald Isle Lap Blanket (knit) from the book “50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving


Photo copyright Sixth & Spring Books

C’s Birthday Scarf (knit)

Cabled Seed Scarf on C 2

#34 Anklettes (knit) from Knit Simple, Holiday 2008


Photo by Rose Callahan, copyright Knit Simple/Soho Publishing

Seed & Tweed Baby Set (knit)

seed tweed new 3 fix soft

Toddler’s Pinafore Dress (knit)

Toddler Pinafore Dress 1

Seedstripe, the Natural Lamb Toy (knit)

Seedstripe on rocks

#16 Basketweave Pocket Scarf (knit) from the book “60 More Quick Knits

60 more quick knits basketweave pocket scarf

Photo by Jack Deutsch, copyright Sixth & Spring Books/Soho Publishing

Moving on from the past to the future …

There are so many new DBKN designs scheduled for publication in 2014 that I can’t wait for next year. When you design for publication, you have the joy of working with fabulous yarns to create a vision from your own mind. Once you send your projects off to their final destinations, it’s a long wait until you see them again. You hope your work will pass muster and make its way through professional editing and photography onto the pages of a magazine or book, but you never quite know how it will all turn out.

One thing I do know about some of my upcoming designs: they incorporate seed stitch. Get those knitting needles ready! (Crocheters: not to worry … there will be new designs for you too.)


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Sometimes something old can be turned into something new in an unexpected way. In this case a thin boucle cone yarn sitting in stash since 2005 provided inspiration for a new version of my #23 Mesh Cape from the Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013 issue. It was a bit of a challenge to attempt using this novelty fiber blend (acryl/poly/lurex, originally intended for weaving) to create this piece but I persevered and was pleased with the result. Despite some abrasion from the yarn traveling over the tension finger, I was able to crochet the cape in just two days. Due to the lurex thread and overall blue/gray/multi colorway, the finished piece reminded me of chainmail, thus the name “Chainmail Cape”!

mesh cape done 1 mesh cape done 2  mesh cape done 4 mesh cape done 3

As I posted in the notes on the Ravelry project page, perhaps it can be worn at a Renaissance festival or ye olde merrie feast or in a play or in an historical reenactment … or as something special at a holiday party.

The original version of the cape appeared in the ‘Glamour Girls’ section of the magazine:


Photos by Paul Amato for, copyright Soho Publishing

There is even a live view of it on YouTube:


I had the supreme pleasure of creating the cape with this luxe, butter-soft ‘Melange‘ yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas:

blue sky alpacas melange yarn 2

Soft and dreamy alpaca yarn is a far cry from the bumpy boucle cone yarn I just finished working with for the chainmail version, but satisfactory results were achieved from both ends of the fiber spectrum:

mesh cape boucle cone 3

Now it’s time to move on to a new design commission which I’m very excited about. You’ll see it sometime next year, along with at least twelve other new DBKN designs scheduled for publication in 2014.

Chain on!



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