Craft: Then and Now

I’ve always been a crafter, then and now. Materials of choice have changed but not the need to create. Way back when early childhood days were spent crafting with crayons, coloring books, paint boxes and paper; teenage days were spent crafting with fabric while sewing my own clothing; early married days were spent crafting with thread and wool during the cross-stitch and needlepoint craze; and now my days are spent crafting with yarn in knit and crochet projects.

Craft It Now: 75+ Simple Handmade Projects, edited by Shannon E. Miller is a new book celebrating the love of craft. It features a variety of easy, quick-to-make projects across the creativity spectrum: projects in fabric, thread, paper and yarn. The creative ideas are shown in bright, cheerful photographs (by Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio) that inspire one to get started right away:


I was fortunate to have four designs selected for publication in this book, two knit and two crochet. Contributor copies arrived yesterday so now I can share them:

Sock Yarn Sash (knit)

sock yarn sash 3

Lace Napkin Ring (knit)

napkin ring 1

Zebra Cowl (crochet)

zebra cowl 1

Pretty Little Collar (crochet)

pretty little collar 4

Here’s another view of the collar shown the other way around:

Pretty Little Collar flat Pretty Little Collar

We recently acquired a NOOK reader. Searching on the words “knit”, “knitting”, “crochet” produced a number of results for titles provided by the Internet Archive, historical titles from way way back (1916 and beyond!) The fascinating craft projects of old look strange to us now but there is so much inspiration to be discovered in those patterns. While enjoying a walk through craft history on a modern device such as the NOOK, I’ll be dreaming of other projects I can craft now.

Enjoy the new book and the fun projects inside!

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