Chevron, anyone?

Chevron patterned fabrics seem to be the “in” thing right now, and there are some fabulous knitted chevron designs out there. They look so clean and crisp, and when done in multiple colors really pop and delight the eye.  To me, as both a crocheter and knitter, the idea of “chevron” equates to “ripple” (as in ripple afghans, of which I’ve made several over 30 years of crocheting.)  At first I didn’t recall ever knitting a chevron design, but did remember crocheting many ripple pieces. Yesterday, as I was contemplating design ideas for a new submission call, I browsed through the “Reader’s Digest Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting & Crochet Stitches.”  On page 63 a two-color, four-row repeat version of a chevron design appears with the title “Zigzag Chevron Stripes II” (need to browse the book a little more to find the photo of “Zigzag Chevron Stripes I”!)

This morning I was looking through my Ravelry project pages and discovered I had knitted (and designed) a chevron-y looking piece after all:  this Rippling Waves Baby Blanket, done in three colors according to the instructions for the unridged version:

Rippling Waves Baby Blanket tricolor full fix

Whenever I want to work on a relaxing knitting project, or take one along when traveling, I usually turn to making a Rippling Waves Baby Blanket. The finished blankies are given as gifts or donated to charitable causes. The pattern is versatile enough (ridged or unridged) to turn out well when knit in one solid color or in multicolor stripes (two, three or more — someone even created one from all of their leftover sock yarns!) I didn’t realize at the time it was designed that this tricolor version displayed a pronounced chevron pattern:

Rippling Waves Baby Blanket 2 fix

Knitted chevron or crocheted ripple, they both are popular stitch patterns that are fun to work.  On page 199 of the RD Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting & Crochet Stitches are photos/instructions for what I would call crocheted ripple stitch patterns, but appear in the book with the names “Simple Chevron I” (solid color version) and “Simple Chevron II” (tricolor version). That sent me on a quest through old photos to find examples of chevron/ripple pieces from my past.  Here are a few:

The very first ripple afghan I made in 1970 (with acrylic yarn available at that time from Sears)

Very First Ripple Afghan 1

This one was gifted to relatives in the 1980s

ripple for dad carol

Chevron afghan from the premier issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine: Portable Throw designed by Ann Regis

chevron afghan blue FCEK premier issue

A recent ripple afghan, gifted to DD and hubby as a new house-warming gift

ripple 89 res

A ripple pet mat

ripple pet mat 4

Some Ripple-Band Scarves, from the Ripple-Band Accessories pattern

Ripple band Scarf Red Heart Mexicana res

Ripple band scarf worn

And for examples of “one big giant chevron”, Easy-Knit Shawl in four colors and Easy-Crochet Poncho in two colors:

Easy Knit shawl on chair

Easy Crochet Poncho on K outside 1

Guess I’d better get back to designing, now that my mind’s eye is seeing nothing but chevrons and ripples — who knows what those images will lead to?  For the present, there will be some new DBKN patterns appearing in print this year (not chevron or ripple patterns, but other ideas) …

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Knitting and crocheting fun, anyone?

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