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I lost track of time (again) and had my Christmas cards & newsletter ready to pop in the mail two days before Thanksgiving, so I did.  Of course, family and friends in the local area received their cards the next day, one day before Thanksgiving.  I did get razzed at dinner for being ahead-of-the-game! This is the first year I actually had the tree up, the living & family rooms and mantel decorated, and a wreath on the front door before Thanksgiving, so the cards were attended to while I was still in a holiday mood. The next step was to relax with a little holiday-color crocheting.

I dug through my stash and a small drawer to locate a supply of yarn in red, green and white, and started by crocheting one Holiday Motif.  Since this was one of my earliest written patterns (2004) I took some time to revise and update it:

One motif led to another … and another … and another.  I started assembling them in a join-as-you-go method, with no clear plan as to the final result. But after completing ten motifs and arranging them in rows of 3-4-3 I realized I had created a cute little Christmas mini-ghan!  It measures approximately 32″ wide by 21″ long.

I may add more motifs depending on how long the stash yarn supply holds out.

This little piece could be used as a chair-back decoration, as a baby blanket, or even as a pet pad (knowing my cats, if I set it down anywhere they will find it and make it their own.)  But I think I’ll use its cheerful, festive color scheme to accent the living room, somewhere near the tree for the next few weeks until Christmas arrives.

And that’s my little tale of before & after …



Here’s to the festive season with some time out to knit and crochet.  Stay tuned for a new holiday-themed pattern scheduled to appear in the CEY Web-letter on December 11. I think you might like it!

ETA 11/27/2012:  A little size #10 thread + a little size 5 steel hook + a little iron-on/glue-on applique + Holiday Motif pattern = one Christmas ornament!

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